Triton Puts Podcast YouTube Video View Counts Alongside Audio Downloads Data

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Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023 9:00 AM EST

Triton Puts Podcast YouTube Video View Counts Alongside Audio Downloads Data

In a move that will give podcast creators easier access to insights into how their YouTube videos are performing, Triton Digital says it has integrated data of the video views of podcast episodes into its Podcast Metrics service. The move will put YouTube views side-by-side with a show’s overall podcast download information. While the methodology is different, it will allow producers and advertisers alike to compare and contrast audience behaviors between audio and video consumers.

“YouTube’s influence on video podcasting is undeniably transformative and this integration marks a significant step forward for Triton Digital,” said Sharon Taylor, Senior VP Podcast Strategy & Product Operations at Triton Digital. “We’re confident that this will revolutionize the way podcasters engage with their audience, opening up a world of possibilities for content monetization and audience growth.”

Triton says publishers who are using Podcast Metrics will be able to effortlessly compare podcast downloads and views of their programming on YouTube within the interface. The integration also allows publishers to seamlessly consolidate video metrics from a variety of programs, allowing users to choose any range of metrics including date range and country.

“The measurement and reporting of views provide critical insights to podcasters as they continue to produce the high-quality content audiences want and deserve, giving publishers a more holistic view of podcast performance data,” said Kai Chuk, Head of Podcasting at YouTube.

Triton says it remains early days and the success of YouTube varies show-by-show. But a Podcast Metrics Demos+ study conducted by Triton and Signal Hill Insights found that 28% of monthly podcast listeners surveyed name YouTube as the platform they use most often to consume podcasts.

Triton has been focused on expanding it reach in recent weeks. It announced in June that it had partnered with cloud-based software company Basis Technologies which will enable marketers to streamline and consolidate advertising across all audio segments – podcast, streaming, and now terrestrial broadcast radio via the Triton Audio Marketplace. The expanded partnership gives brands and agencies programmatic guaranteed buying access to broadcast radio ads.

Triton also purchased Manadge in June. The acquisition of the ad intelligence platform that specializes in programmatic advertising will enable Triton’s publishers and advertising partners to see ad-related data and analyze performance in real-time via an intuitive analytics platform.

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