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Discover Triton's comprehensive, unparalleled portfolio of audio advertising technology. From highly-targeted dynamic ad insertion to an award-winning programmatic marketplace, Triton has all of the monetization solutions you need to deliver the highest quality listening experience to your audience while increasing your revenue.

Triton's Programmatic Audio Marketplace

The world’s first programmatic audio marketplace enables publishers and advertisers to transact audio inventory programmatically.

For Advertisers
Precise Targeting

Reach highly targeted and unique listeners through predictive modeling and highly accurate audience targeting based on genre, 1st and 3rd party data, behavioral data, socio-demographics, and consumption propensities.

Global Reach

Access digital audience from over 13,000 live, on-demand, and podcast streams from across the globe, with 400 million unique impressions and 11.1 billion auctions per month.

Brand-Safe, Premium Inventory

We partner with licensed broadcasters and top-tier internet radio publishers from all over the world to ensure the quality inventory and brand safety you can trust.

Unrivaled Listening Experience

Volume normalization and frequency capping provide a consistent and enjoyable listening experience that prevents ad fatigue and maximizes campaign effectiveness.

Tracking You Can Trust

Precisely track ad delivery using Triton Digital’s validated solution, consisting of 1x1 trackers on audio, separate display trackers, and mobile ad ID sync.

Detailed Reporting

Compatible with DAAST & VAST advertising specifications, our programmatic audio marketplace abides by industry standards for audio ad delivery, execution, and reporting across a wide variety of devices and platforms.

For Publishers
Scale Your Sales

Maximize and optimize your advertising revenue according to your rules. Streamline your ad operations with access to pre-packaged inventories based on audience, format, geography, station, and more.

Gain Incremental Revenue

Participate in a new revenue stream targeting digital and mobile budgets, providing a powerful compliment to your traditional sales channels.

Simply Replace Out-of-Market Ads

Without impacting the TLR or OTA ratings, SSAI (Server Side Ad Insertion) enables simple ad replacement across all listening sessions including third party players to gain new revenue sources.

DSP Integrations

Control your inventory. With our technology, we give you the option to choose your preferred DSP integration for seamless connectivity. 

Real-Time Analytics

Access real-time insights into your programmatic data with comparison metrics, multi-dimensional analysis, interactive filtering, and proactive alerts to gain a better understanding of your audio inventory transactions.


The world's top advertisers leverage our programmatic audio marketplace to support their audio streaming strategies, including Loreal, Capital One, Ford, Telefonica, Lowe's, McDonald's, Shell, Toshiba, Staples, Toyota, and more.

Programmatic Resources

Both Publishers and Buyers across the world leverage programmatic technology to execute their audio streaming strategies. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of programmatic audio and our unparallened technology stack, visit one of the below resource pages.

The Tap Advertising Server

Live, On Demand, & Podcast Monetization

Tap provides radio broadcasters, streaming music services, and podcast publishers alike with the tools necessary to dynamically insert highly-targeted audio ads directly into live and on-demand audio via server-side ad insertion.

The Pioneering Platform for Server-Side Ad Insertion

Tap is used by leading audio publisher’s globally for direct-sold campaign trafficking, delivery, and reporting. The enhanced targeting capabilities available within Tap enable audio publishers to increase the value of their inventory as well as the return on investment for their advertisers.

Data Connect

The new Data Connect tool within the The Triton Advertising Platform (Tap) makes targeting easier than ever before. The tool allows you to package audio as a targeted sale in order to compete with digital competition, and gain on your local broadcast competition. Leverage Data Connect to target fine diners to sell to your local restaurants, globetrotters to sell to your local travel agencies, and more.

Sophisticated Inventory Forecasting

Tap's inventory forecasting accounts for station break patterns, historical impression and spot delivery, contending campaigns, targeting parameters, frequency capping, and more.

Data Driven Audio Ads

Our integration with creative management platform, Frequency®, enables audio publishers to streamline the production, management, and delivery of ad creative by leveraging the power of data driven audio to serve personalized ad creative, generated dynamically for each listener.

API Availability

Utilize our Metrics API to seamlessly access data from the Explore view of Tap directly within your company's internal data warehouse or BI dashboards.

Yield-Op SSP

Yield-Op is a built-for-audio supply-side platform (SSP) that enables broadcasters, podcasters, and music streaming services to connect and manage their programmatic demand sources efficiently. Yield-Op enables you to manage access, regulate pricing, and establish ad quality settings in the programmatic audio marketplace, as well as configure both open and private marketplace deals with specific buyers, brands or sales houses.

Deal Flexibility

Open auction and PMPs with first and second-look mechanics.

DSP Connectivity

Connected to more DSPs globally than any other audio SSP.

Real-Time Insights

Real-time transaction insights to identify trends and make data-driven adjustments.

Intuitive User Interface

Independently establish private deals and activate those deals with ease.

Evergreen Deals

Streamline your ad operations with access to pre-packaged, evergreen inventory based on audience, format, geography, and more.

For Ad Networks

Leverage the Yield-Op SSP to create custom, targeted packages of audio inventory that you can make available to any Yield-Op connected DSP.

Integrated Tools

Omny Studio

The industry's most comprehensive podcast CMS, built from the ground-up for enterprise audio publishers.

Audience Measurement

Capture all of your listening, all of the time, across every device.

Audio Streaming

Ensure that your audio content is delivered seamlessly, and in the highest quality.