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Pioneering Audio Streaming Technology

The Industry's Most Reliable Streaming Audio Technology

Our streaming technology delivers. It’s responsive, adaptive, built to scale, and 100% owned and operated, which means that your audio is always delivered at the highest quality, and never a burden on you or your team to implement nor maintain.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our proprietary content delivery network delivers the highest quality stream in the industry, and is trusted by more than 6,000 stations across the globe. With infrastructure in more than 13 locations around the world, you can count on your streaming audio being the highest quality, efficient, and always-on.

Unmatched Power, Scalability, & Reliability
100% Owned & Operated

Our streaming audio network is 100% owned and operated on dedicated hardware, ensuring the most reliable, highest quality listening experience for your audience with sufficient capacity for spikes and growth.

Streamlined Admin & Support

With just one login to manage and report on all aspects of your stations and listenership, controlling your streams has never been easier. In addition, support is a one-stop, integrated dashboard and ticketing system to make getting the help that you need both efficient and convenient.

Low-Delay Streaming

Provide your audience with real time playback of your sporting events and other live content with low-delay streaming.

Redundancy & Undetectable Failover

Our industrial strength technology is purpose-built for redundancy, so you can rest assured that your audio streams are always on. Failover safeguards deploy inconspicuously so the listening experience remains uninterrupted for your audience.

Flexible Delivery

Whether you choose to use our delivery network, your own infrastructure, or a third-party CDN, our streaming software is optimized to support your digital strategy, and to help you leverage the power of dynamic, server-side ad insertion to generate revenue from your live, on demand, and podcast streaming content.

Optimized & Compatible

Our CDN is compatible with a wide range of radio automation systems from around the world, including Sam Broadcaster, RCS Zetta, Maestro, Enco DAD, BSI - Symian, Jazler, Dalet, and more.

Players, Widgets, & SDKs

Our Media Players deliver a robust, out-of-the-box solution built with all the capabilities necessary to deliver a high quality listening experience for your audience. If you’re seeking a more modular, flexible solution, our Player Widgets enable you to easily configure and launch a streaming audio player that is built for your needs. Interested in creating your own players? Our SDKs simplify the development process by streamlining the complexities of integrating audio streaming, audio advertising, and audience measurement technology into one tool.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud (Enterprise)

Sam Broadcaster Cloud is a web-based, radio automation tool that enables audio streaming publishers to quickly create and monetize curated, niche online streams. The Enterprise edition enables publishers to expand and monetize beyond a single stream, and includes:

Live and Cloud Streaming

In addition to cloud streaming, you can leverage SAM Broadcaster Live DJ to stream a live show at a time and place that works for you.

Responsive Players and Widgets

Seamlessly ad Responsive players & widgets to your website, to provide data such as now playing, song history, and more.

Live Campaign Management

Leverage our best-in-class Advertising Server, Tap, to generate revenue through seamless server-side ad insertion (SSAI).

SSP for Programmatic Sales Management

Our audio SSP, Yield-Op, enables you to control the sale of your audio inventory programmatically by managing pricing, access, ad quality rules, and more.

On-Demand Analytics

Sam Broadcaster Cloud Enterprise is equipped with an advanced analytics tool, providing insight into the performance of your streaming content.

Music Royalty Reporting

Enhanced music royalty reporting is included with Sam Broadcaster Cloud Enterprise.

Integrated Tools

Audio Advertising

Leverage our wide array of audio advertising solutions to generate incremental revenue.

Audience Measurement

Capture all of your listening, all of the time, across every device.


State-of-the-art, comprehensive technology to support your podcast strategy.